Mr Inspector is one of few actually qualified Building Inspectors conducting pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Melbourne and for 12 years has been assisting home buyer make the right decision.

The above photograph was taken by Mr Inspector during a building inspection in Thornbury, Melbourne, and depicts a door bolt that has been inserted the wrong way. This is very minor in the scheme of the inspection but technically something which should be reported in the building inspection report as required by the Australian Standards for pre-purchase building inspections.

Some building inspectors will report on this and others won’t.  This is not due to incompetence, merely that the Australian Standards state that we do not have to report on each individual minor defect, rather include an overall opinion in regard of minor defects.

I recently heard of a building inspection client complaining that a door hinge screw was missing that was not reported on and had been quoted $270 to repair.  A hinge screw cost 10 cents.

We include every conceivable minor maintenance type defects within our reports, so basically going over and beyond what is required of us as per the Australian Standards.  We do this because when you are spending so much money on a home these days we think you should know everything that is wrong with it.