The above photograph was taken by Mr Inspector, a qualified building and pest inspector in Melbourne during a recent building inspection in St Kilda and depicts a lower masonry wall which has deteriorated due to excessive damp contact.

This is considered a major defect.  A major defect, in summary, is one which may cause further deterioration of the dwelling. This needs to put into perspective as the word “major” can cause some apprehension in ones mind.  For example, a down pipe not connected to storm water is technically a “major defect” as water not flowing way from the home could cause footings to settle and other associated damp problems. Yet, this is relatively easy to rectify and clients should not be overly concerned by it – just get it fixed.

The photo above shows masonry and mortar deterioration due to water/damp penetration over time.  The down pipe near same has never been connected to storm water and the land around the wall falls towards the wall, rather than away from it.

It is important to obtain the services of a qualified building inspector to assess a property before you purchase so these issues can be identified and remedied.

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