Mr Inspector, a qualified building inspector in Richmond recently conducted a house inspection in Richmond and the above photograph shows excess moisture readings on a lower wall. It is imperative that building inspectors assess moisture levels on lower walls behind bathrooms and showers during all inspections.

The use of moisture meters for a building inspection is not a requirement under the Australian Standards but Mr Inspector believes it is essential to check around wet areas for any leaks.  This includes inspection of the walls adjoining bathrooms.

In regard to the above photograph, it was ascertained that a leak had developed through the shower tap spindles and all that was required was to have the tap penetrations siliconed up to prevent water ingress.

This defect would never have been detected if a moisture meter was not utilised on the lower walls in the adjoining bedroom and shows the importance of engaging an experienced building inspector who also has the right building inspection equipment and is willing to go outside the requirements of the Australian Standards.

If you have any questions please contact Mr Inspector and he will be able to assist with all you inspection needs.