Mr Inspector is a qualified Building Inspector and also a qualified Timber Pest Inspector who has been conducting detailed building inspections for over 12 years in the Melbourne area.

The above photographs shows a mud lead going up a stump which was found during a recent building and pest inspection in Middle Park.  The termites had since gone but damage remained int he sub floor timber frame.

This was a relatively easy find as is something we are always looking for during the pest inspection.  Sometimes termites can eat straight through the middle of the stump and not even be seen until it is too late.

To try to find these invisible termites is difficult and special tools including moisture meters and the termatrac radar meter need to be used to find hidden termites.  We also need to timber test or tap all visible timbers to sound for hollowness.

Building Inspections is no just a walk around a home to see anything obvious.  The sib floor  must be assessed where possible as this is where most problems will start from, especially a subterranean termite infestation.