Mr Inspector, a qualified Building Inspector in Melbourne took the above photograph during a building inspection in Cheltenham and shows, not only termites, but  the importance of having a qualified house inspector in Melbourne to carry out your building and pest inspections to locate defects and termite infestation that normally would not be picked up.

During a Building and Pest Inspection, Mr Inspector thoroughly inspects all external garden areas for defects and termites including timber sleepers, fences, sheds, garages, pergolas, carports, verandas, decks and balconies.

Inspecting these areas forms  part of the pest inspection process and is essential as termites could be attacking other structures close to the home and may eventually head towards your house.

The photograph above depicts termites that were located in a timber sleeper in the rear garden during a building inspection. It is important to check all timber located around the house including fences, old tree stumps that have been cut and firewood in contact with the ground.

If termites are located in the yard areas, this increases the chance that they can enter the house.  If you have any queries or questions relating to building and pest inspections, please contact Mr Inspector who can assist.