Mr inspector is a qualified building inspector in Melbourne assisting home buys with detailed defects reports on dwellings they are wishing to purchase.

The above photograph was taken by Mr Inspector, a qualified building inspector in Melbourne, during a recent inspection in Brighton, Melbourne.

It depicts excessive dampness under a home and upon assessing the sub floor plumbing during the building inspection it was discovered that a storm water pipe connection running to a tank bladder was leaking and no overflow was connected to the tank.

Considered a major defect in the building inspection world, although easily rectified.  The problem is that the excess water around footings and foundations can cause some structural movement in masonry walls depending on how long this has been occurring.

This shows the importance of obtaining a thorough building inspection by a qualified building inspector in Melbourne before  buying.  A competent building inspector will access the sub floor as this is where most major issues are located or where the cause of a lot of issues start.