Mr Inspector, a qualified Building Inspector in Melbourne took this thermal imaging photograph above during a building inspection in Bentleigh East.

The photographs was taken using the thermal imaging camera which can assist to find leaks that are not visible to the naked eye.  In this building inspection we could see some light staining on the ceiling but could not get a ladder to the area to assess with the moisture meter.  Luckily we have a thermal imaging camera which showed the dark staining which is damp.

Above the ceiling is an 1st floor bathroom which also did not give any visible indication of cracked tiles or grout in the shower to indicate a problem.  It turned out that the spindles behind the tiles had a small drip/leak occurring and causing the ceiling damp.

Without having the technology available today, this would not normally be picked up during a building inspection as it was not visible.

This is just another reason why it is so important to obtain the services of a qualified building inspector who knows what to look for and has the right equipment toc arry out a thorough house inspection.