Mr Inspector has been in operation for just on 10 years and has tried and tested numerous pieces of equipment and come up with the right combination to conduct the most thorough Building and Pest Inspection available in Melbourne today. Some inspectors stick to the minimum equipment required under the Australian Standards for pre-purchase building and Termite inspections (torch, ladder, magnifying glass, timber tapper/tester and the like) but we want to walk away from your potential home confident that we have been as thorough as humanly possible. Remember, the inspection is non-invasive – we can’t walk into someone’s home whilst they’re trying to sell it and pull things apart, so it is important to have all the best equipment available to see into places where we cannot get or are not allowed to get.

BUILDING INSPECTION EQUIPMENT TERMATRAC T3i – Mr Inspector is equipped with the latest in technology as it is important to adequately carry out a building inspection of a dwelling on the spot rather than have to re-attend to carry out an invasive inspection before you buy a property. We have the expensive state of the art Termatrac T3i which is a three in one tool – moisture meter (detects moisture which may indicate leaks and also termite activity), laser heat sensor (detects heat behind walls which may indicate termite sub nests) and radar which detects termite movement behind walls. This means we don’t have to request an invasive inspection (remove wall linings) from the vendor which no doubt would be disallowed anyway.