Mr Inspector has been conducting building inspections Melbourne wide since 2004.  Peter is one of a few actual qualified Building Inspectors in Melbourne having completed a Diploma in Building Surveying and his experience, knowledge and great customer service is sought after by leading buyers agents in Melbourne to assist their overseas and local clients, mortgage brokers, lawyers and conveyancers.

Peter has completed a Diploma of Building Surveying making him one of a few actual qualified Building Inspectors in the pre-purchase house inspection industry. Overseen and also trained by Peter, Paul & Jack carry out inspections and have worked with us since 2015.  Paul has 20 years in the construction industry and is also a qualified and licenced Timber Pest controller.   Jack has 10 years as a qualified carpenter.

Unlike the unregulated pre-purchase house inspection industry, a qualified Building Inspector works in a regulated environment overseen by the Building Authority and recognised by the Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2006.

Qualified Building Inspectors in Melbourne are trained to report on defects caused by trades persons, e.g. builders and carpenters.  These defects are not necessarily errors by the builder or lazy workmanship but often mistakes due to lack of knowledge of the correct standards and procedures in the Building industry.

We are disappointed to see that the pre-purchase house inspection industry in Melbourne is not regulated in any way, so basically anyone can start a company and conduct doing house inspections on million dollar properties with no experience in house construction, Building Code of Australia or the Building Regulations.

Mr Inspectors enquiries showed some house inspectors carried out two day or one week in-house courses ran by other inspection companies that basically taught how to write inspection reports, but nothing about construction faults and defects, the Building Code of Australia or the Building Regulations.  This is simply because they do not have to in Victoria’s pre-purchase house inspection industry.  You can be working at McDonald’s one day and be doing house inspections the next.

Remembering, it took Mr Inspector 2 years to complete a Diploma to become a qualified Building Inspector, one would hope that the pre-purchase house inspection industry would one day in the near future become regulated ensuring that house inspectors have appropriate knowledge and qualifications to be checking million dollar properties.  We noted that some were calling themselves “qualified house inspectors” but there is no such thing and is normally a 2 day course held by inspection companies. The person inspecting your potential home should be experienced and have some qualification in the construction industry e.g. carpenters, plumbers, electricians, brick layers.

After commencing into the pre-purchase house inspection industry in 2004, within 3 months the business was sought after by home buyers around Melbourne and 5 of the largest Buyers Advocate services in Melbourne whom we still assist today, helping their clients understand the exact condition of the homes they are looking at purchasing.

Testament to our knowledge and experience, in 2011 Mr Inspectors assistance was requested by a Sydney Firm to help develop a building inspection software program that is currently being successfully sold around the world.  Mr Inspector developed the defects list which included over 1000 building defects, their defect type, the causes and the methods of rectification.

Since 2004 Mr Inspector has continued to carry out building and pest inspections around Melbourne and in 2012 we employed one other building inspector to assist after undergoing a recognised pest inspectors course as well as a training period of 15 months on site with Mr Inspector.

Please look at our reviews and testimonials on this site and around the world wide web where you will see that our experience and great customer service is greatly appreciated.